How to Raise Children

My Great-Great Grandmother Williams, whom I only met once (that I know of) left the family this wonderful book of recipes that she had collected over her lifetime, a lot of them from the depression era. It is yellow and tattered over the years but I have come to use many family recipes from it. Some a little more interesting than others, and some I would be a little scared to try out.

This recipe is once that I would love to be able to create, unfortunately I don’t have some of the ingredients. And I don’t foresee 10 kids in my future anytime soon!

“How to Raise Children”

  • 1 Large Grassy Field
  • 10 Children
  • 2-3 Small Dogs
  • A Pinch of Brook
  • Some Pebbles
  • Some Flowers

Mix children & dogs together & put in the grassy field, stirring constantly. Pour the brook over the pebbles. Sprinkle the field with flowers. Spread over all, a deep blue sky and bake in a hot sun. When brown, remove & set to cool in a bathtub. Serves all.

Just a little recipe for the fellow mothers out there. Enjoy and have a great week! ❤



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