Hail Merry Snacks

Good Evening Everyone!

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing a very tasty and healthy snack, Hail Merry Snacks! I have been trying to branch out as a food blogger and reviewing food products fits my genre, and of course as a foodie I just love trying new things.

I picked up these snacks at my local whole food store (Natural Grocers) and was delighted by the creative and bright packaging. I quickly picked out the Grawnola, Lemon Blue Agave flavor. For my second choice, I was recommended the Miracle Tarts.I didn’t see them with the other snacks but a helpful cashier showed me that they were in the refrigerated section.


Here is the beautiful packaging!


Grawnola, Lemon Blue Agave flavor

The Grawnola was $3.99 at my local store. Which was very reasonably priced for this healthy snack. Made with raw ingredients, vegan and gluten free. It is also low in sugar and carbs, to be enjoyed by the handful. When I tried the Grawnola, I could easily taste the lemon flavoring, but it was not overpowering. Each ingredient stood out on it’s own. My kiddos loved it as well, I don’t have picky eaters by any means but I just love it when they enjoy these healthy snacks.


Merry’s Miracle Tart – Chocolate Mint

Next we have Merry’s Miracle Tart which was priced as $2.99. Let me say, I am very glad this one was recommended to me, so very delicious. The helpful cashier who lead me to this wonderful tart, could not stop raving about how they sell out of them in store and how addicted the other cashiers were to the tarts. With this product, it’s ok to be a little addicted, it’s actually a chocolate item that is good for you! (gasp) 🙂 The Miracle Tarts are also, Vegan, Gluten free and use raw oils. One fact on the packaging that I have to share: “Coconut oil’s medium chain fats quickly burn as fuel and may NOT be stored as body fat.” How amazing is that? The Miracle Tarts come in several different flavors as well, Coconut Vanilla Creme, Meyer Lemon, Chocolate Almond Butter and Persian Line. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend many of Hail Merry’s treats, especially the Miracle Tarts. I hope everyone enjoyed the review, and please go check the products out at your local whole food store.

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