Karma Wellness Water

Hello All!

Today I have a review for Karma Wellness Water! If you are a fitness buff, can not take pill form vitamins or just love to have a little something extra with your water, this drink is perfect for you. I personally can never remember to take my pills every day, (I’m worse than a kid!) but I do love to drink flavored water during the work day. So Karma is a perfect mix of flavor and convenience for me.

A little bit about Karma: Karma Wellness Water was created on the belief that if you do good for others or yourself, you will get something positive back in return. Make good choices and you will see and feel the benefits. Vitamins deteriorate in water, so mixed vitamin drinks can lose their strength over time. Since Karma keeps their vitamins separate until the time you choose to drink it, you are able to enjoy all of their benefits at full strength.

 photo DSC_1242_zps9ef807be.jpg

Acai Pomberry – BALANCE

Pineapple Coconut – VITALITY

Raspberry Guava Jack fruit – BODY

Passion fruit Green Tea – SPIRIT

Orange Mango – MIND

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps054540f1.jpg

 How to use: Peal off the seal on top, press the “button” in the center of the cap (have to press pretty hard), allow the vitamins for fall down to the water and then SHAKE IT! Enjoy!



Please also check out this video for Karma Wellness Water!


2 thoughts on “Karma Wellness Water

  1. I definitely need that! Then the next time when someone asks me if I’ve lost my mind, I can show them my bottle & tell them no. LOL Really though, that might help me not be so scatterbrained.

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