Kaurina’s Kulfi Ice Cream Bars

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed your quality time with family and friends. I spent my Thanksgiving at my kids’ grandmother’s house feasting on a wonderful spread. We had all the traditional things; turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, shells and cheese, cranberry jelly and plenty of desserts.
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I have a new product that I have reviewed for you all, Kaurina’s Kulfi. What is Kaurina’s Kulfi you ask? It is a traditional style ice cream bar packed full of flavor while low in calories. I hope I have your attention now.

Some facts about Kaurina’s Kulfi:

  • Low in calories, sugar and fat
  • 80 calories, 7 grams of sugar per bar
  • No eggs
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten free

 photo DSC_0497_zps2ff31cf0.jpg
The package I reviewed was the party pack with pistachio almond, mango and Malai (Cardamom cream) flavors. This package contained 12 bars with 4 of each flavor. These bars are a snack size, so they are enough to curb that sweet craving of yours but not too much to be too filling. The texture is very thick and creamy, definitely unlike any other ice cream bar out there.

Pistachio Almond – boasting a typical pistachio green color, this bar has a hint of pistachio flavor and almond but the cardamom in it stood out to me.

Malai (Cardamom cream) – In this bar the cardamom definitely took front and center. If you’ve never had cardamom before, I would say it is close to a nutmeg flavor (to my taste buds).

Mango – Mango was very fruity and definitely my favorite of the three. It had a strong mango flavor but was still a creamy ice cream treat that was not tart.
 photo DSC_0527_zpsd0334747.jpg

Thank you all for checking out my most recent post and review! I have some links below so you can find Kaurina’s media and where to locate in a store near you. I highly recommend you to try these amazing bars!

Kaurina’s Website

Kaurina’s Facebook




ElephanTru​nk Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

I have been away from the blogging circle for a little while, but I do have an awesome giveaway for you! Forgive me now?? 🙂 I am doing a co-op with a fellow blogger and friend The Rosy Snail for this awesome giveaway.

Excerpt from Rosy Snail:  “So what is an ElephanTrunk? Well, they are made by Architectural Mailboxes. Architectural Mailboxes creates decorative mailboxes for your home. While the carry a wide range of wall mounted mailboxes and traditional “by the road” mail boxes, the ElephanTrunk is their first, full-size parcel drop. It’s also the newest product in their collection and I can’t tell you how honored I was to be able to review this product! ”
 photo 994313_10200100144296023_900292298_n_zps466a47b5.jpg
I personally think this would be amazing to have at my house. I live in a pretty safe neighborhood but I am always worried about packages being left on my doorstep. Most of the delivery services do not knock on the door or ring the door bell when they leave something there… it is very frustrating.  So a secure mailbox that only you have the key to, would be very handy. Please see The Rosy Snail’s full review of the ElephanTrunk Mailbox here.
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So would you like to know how to win one??? Of course you do! Please click on the link below, it will take you to Rafflecopter and there you will find different ways to enter and increase your chances.


Thank you all for stopping by! Good luck, and my the odds be ever in your favor!! (anyone recognize that?)

Onli Beverages

Hello Everyone!


Today I have a review for a fantastic gourmet soda company, Onli Beverages. Onli has chef inspired beverages with a unique flavor profile. Mixing flavors such as Espresso Swiss Hazelnut or Huckleberry Pomegranate. These sodas are flavored with sugar but are not overly syrup like or sweet. They are not caffeinated but do have a light carbonated fizz to them.


 I received a package with the following flavors to test out:

 photo DSC_0486_zps9fe494a3.jpg

  • ·         Green Tea Lemon grass Mango
  • ·         Espresso Swiss Hazelnut
  • ·         Hibiscus Pomegranate Strawberry
  • ·         Lemon Mango passion & Mint
  • ·         Hibiscus Pomegranate Aronia
  • ·         Lemon Watermelon
  • ·         Huckleberry Pomegranate

 photo DSC_0493_zps1884600b.jpg


Green Tea Lemon grass Mango – I could easily pick out each of the flavors but the one that stood out the most to me was the mango. It had a very light and crisp flavor.


Espresso Swiss Hazelnut – This beverage had a very strong espresso “coffee” like flavor. I personally am not a fan of coffee so I did not prefer this one.


Hibiscus Pomegranate Strawberry – The strawberry was the most familiar and easiest taste to pick out of this mixture. Pomegranate added a very sweet and tart flavor to the beverage as well. The hibiscus had a light aroma and addition in flavor.


Lemon Mango Passion and Mint – This flavor was not very over powering, all of the flavors blended nicely. The lemon added a nice tartness without being too over bearing in comparison to the other flavors.

  photo DSC_0494_zpsb5a47361.jpg

Hibiscus Pomegranate Aronia – The aronia adds a nice tartness in with the mixture of hibiscus and pomegranate. Pomegranate adds an additional mild tart flavor along with the natural sweet.


Lemon Watermelon – Well, what is there to say about lemon watermelon? Both flavors have been used in combination before and they work together splendidly! Most Americans love watermelon in the summer time and the lemon just adds to the yummy flavor.


Huckleberry Pomegranate – Huckleberry has a unique taste…it is tart with a little sweetness, and is unlike blueberry. I really love these fruity beverages! Definitely makes a refreshing treat for the summer.

Please feel free to visit Onli’s media pages and website to check out more information and where you can find them locally!


March Goodies Box – “Breakfast”

Okay so I am a little late on posting the review for this subscription box but better late than never.  (Although my boss would disagree with that statement!)  Today we have a review for Goodies Box Co., a great company for bloggers and foodies alike. If you are not familiar with subscription boxes, you pay a set fee a month and then you receive monthly boxes in the mail. You would be surprised what all different kinds of subscription boxes are out there, food, make up, liquor, pet supplies, baby supplies. It is really fascinating what all you can find out there on the internet!

Goodies Box Co. has a monthly fee of $7 and includes 5-8 trial-sized snacks and treats enabling you to discover your favorite new goodies. Goodies box currently only delivers to the Continental United States, but they do ship to APO addresses. I love trying new things so this box of monthly goodies is perfect for me, and it is nice to have that little surprise on your doorstep. I will say, I was a little disappointed that some things came in “trial size” but for $7 a month and for so many items it was definitely worth it.

Okay so let’s get to the Goodies received in March’s box:
 photo DSC_0134_zps9ab50756.jpg

 photo DSC_0136_zps1009b679.jpg
Alo Water – Watermelon & Peach

$11.94 / pack of 6

I will be honest, I was a little nervous about the “floaters” in the drink. (Cringe) No worries though, they are just little pieces of Aloe meat. I drank this tasty drink so fast that I barely noticed them. The watermelon flavor was more prominent than the peach flavor, to me. But overall, a very refreshing and energizing tasty drink. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

 photo DSC_0144_zps6082fe71.jpg
Ola! – Hand baked Granola

$5.99 / 9 oz bag

Personally, I have only eaten granola mixed in with yogurt. This granola is so delicious I wanted to eat it by the handful! Sweetened with Maple Syrup, vanilla and cinnamon, definitely makes for a great addition to your breakfast!

 photo DSC_0141_zps0db3cbc2.jpg
Rickland Orchards – Greek Yogurt Coated Granola Bar

$6.49 / Pack of 5

This bar was delicious and filling. I received Cranberry Almond and it was so tasty! Definitely a great snack for the morning to perk you up!

 photo DSC_0139_zps039d91a4.jpg
BelVita – Cinnamon Brown Sugar Breakfast Biscuits

$3.99 / Pack of 5

I believe this product was by far my favorite from this month’s box, and surprised me. They are thin crisp biscuits that have a great flavor! I was a little unsure at how tasty these would be, but I was proved wrong! They reminded me of a cinnamon graham cracker or a crispy ginger snap cookie.

 photo DSC_0140_zps74ccd847.jpg
Bonne Maman – Strawberry Preserves

$4.99 / 13 oz jar

Who doesn’t love some toast with strawberry preserves? Hard to go wrong with strawberry flavored anything. I will say that this preserve is nothing “outstanding or unique” in that it tastes like most other strawberry preserves. Still tasty though!

 photo DSC_0143_zps7080ed96.jpg
Erin Baker’s – Breakfast Cookie

$7.80 / 6 – 3oz Cookies

I received the Oatmeal Raisin breakfast cookie in my box. It was very delicious! Tasted exactly like a moist soft oatmeal raisin cookie. I would be happy to eat this for breakfast every morning. Morning treat!

 photo DSC_0142_zps7a15d10e.jpg
Jovan’s – All Natural Instant Breakfast

$7.99 / Pack of 5

This is a sweet and creamy breakfast drink. I would compare the flavor to cold hot cocoa. This is a great breakfast drink for on the go or a quick breakfast in the morning. Add to milk and shake!

 photo DSC_0137_zps006dd752.jpg
Nabisco – Newtons Triple Berry

$4.49 / Pack of 6

Now I love fig newtons, so naturally I knew I would love the triple berry. Triple berry is just like a fig newton but a little more tart. Packed with the flavors of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry wrapped in delicious whole grains.

I hope you will find this post helpful and consider joining Goodie’s box monthly subscriptions!


Boylan Bottling Co. : Shirley Temple Soda

Hello Everyone!

The weather has been getting hotter out and the sun a little more scorching, well at least in the south. Out in the hot blistering sun, definitely makes me want to reach for a nice cold refreshing soda. Until recently, my beverage of choice has been of the main stream variety – high in sugar and caffeine. Now that I have been introduced to the specialty soda world, my tastes have changed.

 photo DSC_0460_zps0f8d1a73.jpg

With that thought in mind, today I have a review for Boylan Bottling Co.’s seasonal soda: Shirley Temple! Now if any of you have ever had the original Shirley Temple drink mix, you’ll recognize the similar flavors in this Boylan version as well. The original variation consists of: Lemon Lime flavored Soda, Grenadine Syrup and a maraschino cherry.  The Boylan version consists of: Ginger Ale, Dark Sweet Cherry, and Other secret ingredients and sweetened with Cane Sugar.

 photo DSC_0462_zpsab4fd9f3.jpg

The flavor of The Shirley Temple was light and fruity, definitely can taste the black cherry. I prefer the black cherry addition to the heavy grenadine cherry syrup in traditional versions.  The price per drink is anywhere from $1.40-1.75 depending on where you go to get it, or if you order bulk.

 photo DSC_0458-1_zps7e53cc93.jpg

All in all I would give this product 5 out of 5 cupcakes (Stars)!cupcake-clip-art-2cupcake-clip-art-2cupcake-clip-art-2cupcake-clip-art-2cupcake-clip-art-2

Please click here to locate in your neck of the woods!



Thirsty Planet Brewery – Austin, TX

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all made it through the week! If you need a drink after the work hustle settles, you should head over to Austin, TX and check out the Thirsty Planet Brewing tour on Saturday. Every Saturday this awesome micro-brewery has a beer tasting and tour from 11:00 am – 1:30 pm, the brewery closes at 3:00 pm. photo DSC_1384_zps98167ab4.jpg

As you arrive to the brewery, you can purchase a pint glass with 3 tickets. Your pint glass has the logo of one of their varieties of beer, very cute. From there you walk over to the bar and choose your beverage. Take your glass of refreshing beer and you can either sit at the tables indoors or they have a very nice patio outside with picnic tables. A very relaxing way to spend your late morning/early afternoon.

 photo DSC_1415_zps1efdbb29.jpg

After a few drinks and a slight buzz you will have the opportunity to go on a tour of the facility. One of the brewery employees will walk around and announce when the next tour will take place, which is usually every 30 mins. If you do not know much about beer or the brewing process (I’m a newb) then this tour is great for you, very educational. The tour lasts about 30 mins, and takes you through the process from start to finish in the micro-brewery process, and ends with an open forum Q&A session.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The staff is so friendly and helpful. Our tour guide was dressed in a gorilla suit with a plaid shirt… which I later found out was for the Gorilla Bar Hop / Run. And I thought he just liked to dress up like this for the tours!

 photo DSC_1385_zpsdff17fe0.jpg
 photo DSC_1386_zps7149526b.jpg

* Buckethead IPA – well balanced with the bitter and hint of sweet, with an aesthetic Amber color and a mildly citrus note.
* Thirsty Goat Amber – Lighter amber, malty but with a slight hoppy finish.
* Yellow Armadillo Wheat– It was light, crisp, and refreshing. This is a good starter beer for people just getting into craft beer.

 photo DSC_1388_zps753a829c.jpg
 photo DSC_1398_zps2c250668.jpg

This guy was having a good time!
 photo DSC_1412_zpsa015a419.jpg




American Flatbread Pizza

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for the long break in between posts, but sometime it is hard to get internet access, believe it or not. Today I have a review for American Flatbread, “homemade thin and crispy pizza baked in a wood fired oven.” Also have a giveaway for 2 coupons for FREE American Flatbread Pizza. Found this delicious pizza in my local whole foods store, but later on noticed it at HEB grocery stores. Love it when smaller companies break into the main stream market!

 photo DSC_0182_zps10615cc3.jpg

American Flatbread Mission Statement: It is the mission of American Flatbread to provide good, flavorful, nutritious food that gives both joy and health, and to share this food with others in ways sustainable to all.

 photo DSC_0184_zps1aa11686.jpg
This wonderful flat bread pizza contains all organic ingredients, such as: organically grown wheat, kosher salt, organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and the list goes on. Bottom line, all organic and delicious! I was very surprised at how much flavor this little pizza had! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to still have pizza without giving up your organic diet / beliefs. Also this delicious dish is ready in 5-8 minutes. Preheat the oven to 425 F, place on the rack and *patiently* wait 5-8 minutes. VOILA! One really interesting fact about this company is that they build each of their flat bread ovens from the local geography. Their oven at the Marble Works in Middlebury has been built with a marble base, local to Middlebury. Also, their oven in Burlington Hearth is built of red rock, a common rock in the Burlington area.

 photo DSC_0191_zpsee7fb60a.jpg

American Flatbread Tomato Sauce and Three Cheese – Average retail cost $6.50



Prize: 3 – Coupons for a FREE American Flatbread Product

Dates Open: 02/28/13 – 03/08/13

Click HERE to enter!




American Flatbread Website