Kaurina’s Kulfi Ice Cream Bars

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed your quality time with family and friends. I spent my Thanksgiving at my kids’ grandmother’s house feasting on a wonderful spread. We had all the traditional things; turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, shells and cheese, cranberry jelly and plenty of desserts.
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I have a new product that I have reviewed for you all, Kaurina’s Kulfi. What is Kaurina’s Kulfi you ask? It is a traditional style ice cream bar packed full of flavor while low in calories. I hope I have your attention now.

Some facts about Kaurina’s Kulfi:

  • Low in calories, sugar and fat
  • 80 calories, 7 grams of sugar per bar
  • No eggs
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten free

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The package I reviewed was the party pack with pistachio almond, mango and Malai (Cardamom cream) flavors. This package contained 12 bars with 4 of each flavor. These bars are a snack size, so they are enough to curb that sweet craving of yours but not too much to be too filling. The texture is very thick and creamy, definitely unlike any other ice cream bar out there.

Pistachio Almond – boasting a typical pistachio green color, this bar has a hint of pistachio flavor and almond but the cardamom in it stood out to me.

Malai (Cardamom cream) – In this bar the cardamom definitely took front and center. If you’ve never had cardamom before, I would say it is close to a nutmeg flavor (to my taste buds).

Mango – Mango was very fruity and definitely my favorite of the three. It had a strong mango flavor but was still a creamy ice cream treat that was not tart.
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Thank you all for checking out my most recent post and review! I have some links below so you can find Kaurina’s media and where to locate in a store near you. I highly recommend you to try these amazing bars!

Kaurina’s Website

Kaurina’s Facebook