Boylan Bottling Co. : Shirley Temple Soda

Hello Everyone!

The weather has been getting hotter out and the sun a little more scorching, well at least in the south. Out in the hot blistering sun, definitely makes me want to reach for a nice cold refreshing soda. Until recently, my beverage of choice has been of the main stream variety – high in sugar and caffeine. Now that I have been introduced to the specialty soda world, my tastes have changed.

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With that thought in mind, today I have a review for Boylan Bottling Co.’s seasonal soda: Shirley Temple! Now if any of you have ever had the original Shirley Temple drink mix, you’ll recognize the similar flavors in this Boylan version as well. The original variation consists of: Lemon Lime flavored Soda, Grenadine Syrup and a maraschino cherry.  The Boylan version consists of: Ginger Ale, Dark Sweet Cherry, and Other secret ingredients and sweetened with Cane Sugar.

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The flavor of The Shirley Temple was light and fruity, definitely can taste the black cherry. I prefer the black cherry addition to the heavy grenadine cherry syrup in traditional versions.  The price per drink is anywhere from $1.40-1.75 depending on where you go to get it, or if you order bulk.

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All in all I would give this product 5 out of 5 cupcakes (Stars)!cupcake-clip-art-2cupcake-clip-art-2cupcake-clip-art-2cupcake-clip-art-2cupcake-clip-art-2

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